Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lessons from TEDx Talk

On the long flight enroute to India the day after the TEDx talk, I enjoyed having some downtime and a chance to reflect on the build up over the 3 weeks leading to the event and the delivery of the talk. There are lessons both for life and presentation skills that are "worth sharing".
  • First, how does one get on such a platform to share one's message? I heard a talk by Adam Leipzig on finding your purpose in life. He said "Know what you are supremely qualified to teach others." I can't agree more, once you've identified that specialty, the universe will want to hear it from you.
  • The team of advisers for my talk included a film-maker, lawyer, management consultant and doctor who were friends. Someone asked how I managed to "recruit" all these people to help. Simple, because it was for something that we were are all passionate about. It was "our" cause and one person just happened to be the mouthpiece on-stage.
  • A friend gave an invaluable suggestion. He said, before going on stage take at look at as much of the audience you can see from backstage and ask yourself, how can I serve these people? It changes ones consciousness completely.
  • A big release of pressure the night before the talk was thinking of the worst that can happen. This presentation will be forgotten, but my friends and family will still love me :)
  • If you ever have to get on a stage like this and present, practice speaking to the mirror, film yourself on the phone and review the performance several times. Practice is the key to confidence on the stage
  • I noticed one of the presenters who spoke before me, a stand-up comedian, would talk to the back rows where there was lower lighting, tell a joke and pause. The crowd really enjoyed it. I went up to her later and asked why she was looking only at the crowd in the dark. She said not staring into someone's eyes helps one to keep focused on ones train of thought. Good idea!
  • A technical detail, no matter how much they tell you everything will work without a hitch, make sure you test your presentation and technical equipment that will be used on-stage.
Based on the feedback from the audience, it seems like it was well received.The video of the talk should be up on the internet very soon, the link for which will be posted on this blog.

I want to leave you with a worthy acronym to remember. In sister Denise's talk in SF recently on 5 ways to happiness, she proposed the GHENS phenomenon. These 5 things when done unto others will definitely bring you happiness:

G - Giving
H - Healing
E - Educating
N - Nourishing
S - Shelter


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