Friday, December 13, 2013

Instinct versus Intelligence

I heard a fascinating conversation the other day between an elder and some youth. Dadi Janki had said "Please, stop thinking". The youth found that advice hard to reconcile with. Many jobs and lives these days are built around how much and how 'well' one can think. Intelligence is valued as an asset. If one does not use their intelligence, then what does one rely on?

The response from the elder was 'instinct'. But, how can one rely on instinct? It seems like a gamble, as our decision can be influenced very easily by the external transient factors. The response was instinct can be trained and 'refined' to aid oneself very well. Training the instinct is a matter of practice of concentration.

Some of the greatest inventions in history happened not when the inventor was pushing for the answer but when they let go and chose to just 'be'. Remember the famous utterance "eureka" by Archimedes? Some of the greatest books were also written like this. You will hear Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, say in her TED talk on 'Your elusive creative genius' that these writers had to 'be' and experienced a 'download'.

What is the role of intelligence, then? It is a tool that comes into play when there is doubt. The intellect is the judge when you do not have confidence. And, too much usage of the intellect causes stress and tension. Our education system has not taught us to leverage the powerful innate instinct to be our guide. It is, then, up to oneself to empower this faculty with meditation. Take moments in the day to just 'be'. Here is a practice that might help in doing that.

Step inwards, bring your awareness to the center of your forehead.
See a beautiful light shining inside your head.
This is the light of consciousness.

With a silent mind, one gets in touch with the immense wealth of wisdom and powers that are dormant in ones subconscious.
This wisdom will guide you on what is right, for the self and for the world. And, the powers will make you successful in doing that which is right.
Stay in this silence, aware of nothing but the light of consciousness.

Take it a step higher, experience the wisdom and power of the Source. Tune into the 'Great Spirit', as the native Americans call It. This is the Light of eternal wisdom and perpetual power.
Stay under this Supreme Light for a few moments. 

With this practice for 3 minutes, you will be guided to do the right thing.

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