Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf's message for the BKs in Marin

To: Kim Shine
Marin County Planning Commission
c/o Marin County CDA, Kim Shine, Commission Secretary
3501 Civic Center Drive Room #308
San Rafael, CA 94903

Dear Kim,

The kind people at the BK institute asked to me send you a letter of
support towards their effort to open a retreat center in Marin. I have
been in contact with their center in San Francisco and their other centers in
Mt.Abu in India and in Athens, Greece where I was invited to speak at a
conference dealing with science and spirituality. The BK people are indeed
special in that they have been a huge asset to any community that contains
them. Mayor Willie Brown often praised their good works and generosity
especially to the less fortunate among us.

Although I am not a member of their organization I have especially
benefited from a deep spiritual relationship I have felt in the presence of
one of the main sisters of the organization, Dadi Janki. That presence and
simple heart-felt communion is rarely felt in any community especially
these days of troubles and fears that appear within and on our shores. The
retreat center would provide that to the community and all would find
benefit from their presence.


Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.
Have Brains / Will Travel
San Francisco
web page:

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