Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year Message 2010 from Dadi Janki, Chief, Brahma Kumaris World University

My Dear Brothers and Sisters around the globe,
Om Shanti and a warm greeting of peace to you all.

We are witnessing enormous changes in the world at all levels and passing through transformational times where history is being shaped once again. It is ever clear now that we need to strengthen our will, spirit and determination if we are to create a better world and embrace the changes around us. God, the Almighty, the Bestower of Peace and Happiness, the Ocean of Love is ready and available to help, if we would just reach out and open ourselves to His Light and Might. God is not distant; He is only a thought away. If He feels distant, it is we who have closed the curtains of our hearts and blocked out His light.

As children of God, we are all One Family. The greatest act of charity at this time is to share compassionate love with all our brothers and sisters on this globe; to donate our pure feelings and good wishes to each one. The current turbulent times, the repercussions of our lifestyles and the fluctuations of nature are talking to us, telling us it is time to re-think the way we have lived till now and time to value and respect all that is around us. The scores of calamities and crises happening at every moment around the world are far too great for the earth to bear. The human race does not deserve this. It deserves much better. But in whose hands is it to implement this change? Ours. All of us together! Hand-in-hand, step-by-step, we will move forward making the right thoughtful choices at every moment, being kind and considerate towards matter and soul.

It is truly the time to shed all the vices such as anger, ego, greed, attachment and lust that have been burning up all the strength and energy in the soul; it is time to become free and fly. Let us remember who we are; powerful, pure and peaceful souls with a mighty purpose, which is to share virtue with all.

At every year end, we take stock. And so let us take stock of the internal account. What have been the souls' 'profit and losses' in this first decade of the new millennium, the century we welcomed with great optimism? And whatever remains to be changed, let me complete that within this final year of this decade.

Victory is guaranteed! Success is guaranteed. And so what remains? From the depth of my heart as I sit here with God, in stillness and calm, I send you loving vibrations and good wishes of peace and love.

BK Janki

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