Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kaliyuga and ancient Indian rituals

Someone asked at the Tuesday night workshop last week in Anubhuti - 'how far are we into kaliyuga (dark age in Hinduism or iron age in Greek mythology)'. How would you answer that?

I asked her to think of the worst atrocity she can imagine that a man can commit on another man, man can commit on mother nature and man can commit on animals. If that atrocity has already been committed, then it's probably very close to the end of kaliyuga. The next morning another person who heard this said 'but aren't atrocities an on-going, ever-growing thing?' I recalled a conversation some 10 years ago where a colleague said the strength of a chain is measured by its weakest link. A few people's acts in ignorance can be felt by the entire world. But the good news is, after the coldest darkest night of winter the beautiful new day of spring will arrive. 

This week I had a novel experience of helping build 12 beautiful miniature shrines for a celebration of Mahashivratri at the retreat center in Marin happening this weekend. These shrines along with multimedia will be used to unravel the symbolism of ancient rituals to commemorate the manifestations of the Divine. 

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