Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Filling That Void Within

I polled some 500 friends around the world last week if they had experienced feeling a void in their life. Despite having 'everything' by the standards of the world, something seems missing. I had this feeling 12 years ago and the journey to find that missing piece changed my life (for the better) for ever.

Responses poured in from every where. It's interesting that most of them had a similar ring - meditation, yoga, connection with the Divine, etc. Granted they were all from friends, kindred spirits, but not a single one suggested a sports car, holiday on an island or finding another partner did it for them.

One particular response had a nice systematic approach and I'm sharing it with permission from that friend. If you're feeling like you're in an emotional hole, ask yourself three questions and notice the shift.

1. Where is the Source (Divine or Supreme Being)?

2. What would love do? Or, what is the loving thing to do?

3. What is my spiritual truth?

Mail me if you need clarification on these questions.

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