Sunday, April 13, 2014

Break Power

I want to share with you a piece of advice that moved me. At the Wisdom 2.0 conference a couple of months ago, Arianna Huffington shared some irksome details about her life and what she'd realized from the stress, exhaustion and addiction in herself and her family. 

We play this game called life for about 30K days, if we are lucky. What do you want to remembered for? Are you investing in your eulogy as much as your resume?

Here's are some simple wellness nuggets extracted from her talk that have been valuable to me:

Meditate - Important for clarity, focus, memory, among other benefits.
Sleep well - I get at least 4 cycles  ( a blogpost on sleep cycle is coming soon.)
Exercise - I alternate between days of heavy workout and aerobic (such as walking, biking or swimming.)
Get out into nature - Being in the sun is rewarding in itself, but I try to walk in the woods instead of among concrete structures, as much as possible.
Research shows that typical attention span for any activity is about 90 minutes and if you incorporate a 20 minute break with any of the above four, your time and energy will be much better spent. I love that she called out the fact that knowing something isn't enough, you have to do (embody it) before it makes any difference in your life. Let's move Upward, Onward and Inward!

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