Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Highlights of Yellowstone Meditation Retreat

Highlights of Yellowstone Meditation Retreat

September 8 - 15, 2019
Tom Miner Basin, Montana 

Excerpts from Participants 

"This retreat brought together a diverse group of strangers and created the space and opportunity to share, grow and become a family. The program’s variety was wonderful."

"Being in this amazing place made me feel the joy of introversion. The practice will help me to enhance my spiritual journey. Be with nature and enjoy every moment."

"First, this retreat helped me find and see yoga in a new light, which has inspired me to continue my own yoga practice and get more in depth and consistent with it. This retreat helped me see potential future possibilities for me in the way of work. The retreat has really made me realized I am not fulfilled with where I am geographically and in the workplace which makes me feel motivated to follow in similar footsteps as Jay and Suzie. Jay’s meditations really hit home with the idea of sending light over the world and I believe this is a powerful method both through meditation and through our own actions. I am excited to try more of this and want to explore this idea further."

"I'm a little bit more of a nature lover today
Doing yoga in the morning is really nice
Waking up early and sleeping early
Being vulnerable about myself just a tad"

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