Tuesday, November 05, 2019

There's Benefit in Everything, If We Remain Open to Seeing It

Bewildering Universe!! One morning in my Kyoto hotel room, I booked a trip to Baja California (Mexico) to stay on a remote beach to practice kitesurfing and work on the next meditation series. Later that day I was scheduled to meet a friend for dinner. When I got to the restaurant I found out she's running so late coming into Kyoto that I would be eating by myself. Turned out there's a wait at the restaurant and a spontaneous conversation pops up with a mother and son. We hit it off and end up having dinner together. Here's the wowie. They are from Mexico with family in Baja. Before the nights done, I'm invited to lead group meditation(s) with their Baja relatives to help cope with a recent bereavement.

What are the chances of all this unfolding the same day, connecting dots 9,000kms across the Pacific? Grateful for the service🙏 Yet another seal of confirmation that there's benefit in everything, IF we remain open and unperturbed.

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